Acland Burghley

Burghley Rd

Tel: 020 7485 8515
Fax: 020 7284 3462

Headteacher: Mr Nicholas John
Ofsted: RI
DFES #: 4285

Case Studies

Analytical Writing in year 10 Media Studies

by Idowu Ogunlabi

Key Points

  • Enabling students to analyse complex media texts independently, making reference to issues of representation using accurate media terminology
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At Acland Burghley we are proud to

  • love learning
  • join in and embrace challenge
  • champion creativity
  • collaborate with others
  • celebrate and strengthen our community
  • earn respect and show respect to all
  • think for ourselves and act wisely
  • rise to responsibility
  • be ambitious for our futures
  • achieve excellence

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