Robson House

Netley Campus
74 Stanhope St

Tel: 020 3772 0370
Fax: 020 7916 2931

Executive Headteacher: Bavaani Nanthabalan
Ofsted: Good
DFES #: 1101

Case Studies

No case studies available.


Robson House is the base of the Primary Learning Support Service (PLSS). PLSS is made up of the Primary SEBD Service and the Camden Language and Communication Service (CLCS). The Primary SEBD Service includes the Primary Pupil Referral Unit (PPRU) and the Behaviour Outreach Team.

Robson House PPRU is a specialist therapeutic and educational placement for children who cannot attend mainstream school because of social, emotional and mental health needs, or who have been permanently excluded from school.
The primary task of Robson House PPRU is to meet the social, emotional, mental health and academic needs of highly vulnerable children, so that they are able to make accelerated progress, and be ready for their next stage in learning.
We aim to provide a stimulating and secure learning environment for pupils and to give each pupil a positive experience of school. Sometimes a child stays with us for only a short period, whilst a permanent placement is being sought. We facilitate the transfer from one educational establishment to another, ensuring that the children experience educational and emotional stability throughout the transition period.

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