St Patrick RC

Holmes Rd

Tel: 020 7267 1200
Fax: 020 7485 4691

Headteacher: Mr Sean Cranitch
Ofsted: Good
DFES #: 3560

Case Studies

Pupil Premium: Supporting the whole child to achieve aspirational targets through rich provision

by Sean Cranitch

Key Points

  • Start with the aspiration not with the analysis (avoid the data trap!)
  • Give top quality teachers the time to help pupil premium children excel!
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At St Patrick’s we aim to provide an excellent education for children of all abilities, inspired by our Catholic faith. Promoting self-esteem and a love of learning are at the heart of our mission.

In our safe, happy school we provide a rich and varied curriculum, where the children learn the basics — reading, writing, mathematics, science, IT and RE. We encourage pupils to know themselves, to develop spiritually and emotionally, and to discover their talents through high quality provision of art, music, drama and sport.

Our results have been improving year on year and are now among the best. We have been successful in delivering excellent outcomes for all our children, including those of higher ability.

The school is a vibrant, welcoming, learning community. We celebrate our diversity — the different languages and cultures to which our pupils are connected.

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