The Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond St and UCLH

Great Ormond Street

Tel: 020 7813 8269

Headteacher: Ms Jayne Franklin
Ofsted: Outstanding
DFES #: 5950

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The Children’s Hospital School seeks to minimise the interruption and disruption to children & young people’s education so that academic progress and an interest in learning will continue, as far as their health permits.
The Hospital School offers teaching to inpatients from 5-18 years of age. Priority is given to long-stay or recurring pupils, those studying for and sitting exams and those with a statement of special educational needs. By arrangement, we also teach siblings of long-stay pupils who are unable to attend their home school. Children who are well enough to leave the ward can attend the schoolroom, where they can do their own work or follow our enriched curriculum. The schoolroom is an open plan vibrant learning environment, which is well staffed and offers excellent access to a wide range of resources. Long stay and recurring children who cannot leave the ward are taught 1:1 at the bedside by teaching staff.
The School also has an Activity Centre which is part of our extended service for inpatients, outpatients and siblings of all ages (0-19 years old) and an integral service to families within the hospital. It is an educational and recreational facility that parents can drop into with their children at anytime; we also take referrals for under fours to stay on their own with our expert early years team. The Activity Centre is open after school and during the majority of the school holidays.
The process of reintegrating pupils back into their schools after they have been discharged is an integral part of what our Hospital School does. We believe that children, parents and school should all be supported during this process. Our teaching staff work hard to ensure pupils are fully assessed on entry and reintegrated successfully on discharge. For patients with recurring admissions we keep in touch with the child, the family and the home school, ensuring that everyone is aware of a child’s progress. We also support pupils’ welfare by monitoring ongoing educational issues such as school attendance.

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