William Ellis

Highgate Rd

Tel: 020 7267 9346
Fax: 020 7284 1274

Headteacher: Mr Sam White
Ofsted: Good
DFES #: 4688

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William Ellis School is a school with a long and distinguished history of serving the local community. Our mission is to ensure that all our young people are equipped to take on the demands of the 21st Century with its fast pace and ever-changing technological demands. Indeed, many of the career and employment opportunities that will be on offer in the future have notĀ even been thought of yet – that is how quick the pace of change is.

To equip our students for their adult lives we pride ourselves on valuing traditional standards with a progressive and forward thinking outlook on life. Teamwork, creativity, taking on responsibility and a high sense of personal self-esteem are just some of the qualities that we aim to develop, ensuring each boy achieves his personal best in all that he does and fulfils his dreams and ambitions.

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